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Tracy Holdeman

Tracy Holdeman

The Meat Market, a brand logo icon for Meyer Natural Angus. The brand logo is illustrated and stylizes like a historic 1940's protien brand to infuse the spirit of old fashioned quality into the brand and logo.

Nolan Ryan Center of the Plate brand logo shows a plate that looks like a grill top with flames. A baseball sets at the center of the plate instead of meat.The logo was used for promotions and packaging at retail

Hourani Estate logo design is the stylized letter E and the lines of an ancient pillar combined into one image. It uses dark green to reference olives and a warm yellow to reference the sun. The Hourani Estate produces Extra Virgin olive oil, cold pressed.

Wichita Real Estate logo is a website that eliminates realtor. The logo is a house with an invisible realtor in the center.

Marpac Sleep logo design that shows a persons head in the clouds. Marpac is an the catagory leader of sleep wellness.

Carlos O'Kelly's Restaurant Moroccorita logo is that look like margaritas.

Carlos O'Kelly's Reastaurant Taco Event Logo depicts a hand holding a taco up like a protest hand rased.

Typographic logo design for Tamalera Cookery and Restaurant with a textural quality simmilar to a tamales.

The R logo references the idea 'resurgence" because after Covid Wichita, Kansas and Weigand were hoping to experience an economic resurgence.

Simple Serve typographic logo design for Carlos O'Kelly's, one of many successful restaurant chains to begin in Wichita Kansas.

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