Steve Cranford, Chief Creative Officer for Whisper NY

“Tracy listens so well it’s like he reads my mind. Then he stirs it around and makes the most salient point out of my ideas. He is brilliant!”

Thank you Steve,
You whisper poetry in the consumers’ ear and engage the marketplace instead of screaming more and louder. You are a true genius.(

Greg Menefee | Owner | Red Rock Recruiting | Marketing Director Swift & Company 

“Without a doubt, Tracy Holdeman is the most talented, creative, responsive designer I've had the privilege of working with. From the most complex integrated marketing programs to down-and-dirty projects, Tracy's abilities drive business. He truly understands how design must translate into commerce rather than merely design for design's sake. He has assembled an amazing team at Insight Design, a team with complimentary skills that make turnkey design effective and efficient. I've worked with Tracy along every stop, more than 20 years, and to this day everyone and every company I've been associated with know that he is, without question, my "Go-To Guy". I encourage you to call him and see for yourself.”

Thank You Greg,
You have helped my business immeasurably and have been a great friend. Thank you for all you have done for me. We’ve done a lot of work together and had a lot of fun doing it! Thank You!!!

Ryan Entz | Director of Brand | Carlos O’Kelly’s and HomeGrown | Marketer of the Year

"Tracy and his team at Insight have provided incredible partnership, collaboration and leadership in helping us build relevant and compelling identities across multiple brands. Their the form of strategy, creativity and command of the visual noticeable across all our brands and across all platforms, including countless print materials, logo designs and website designs. Thanks Insight!"

Thank You Ryan,
If anyone ever lived to do their best, it is you. You move companies, customers and everything else with your vision and passion. It’s a joy to ride along. Thank you x 10!

Mike Issa | Owner of the Scotch & Sirloin

“Tracy and Insight are exceptional! They have helped me formulate my marketing messages and have been intregrale in developing the renewed brand image of The Scotch. For 15 years, Insight has created logos, websites, signage, menus, food photography and restaurant interior photography, social media and much more my businesses. We work together and I trust in our combined efforts.”

Thank you Mike,
You express your passion and vision in such moving terms that I can’t help but be inspired. Thank you for all you have done for me personally and my business. Thank you is not enough.

Eric Fisher, A Brilliant Entrepreneur | Owner and Visionary of a Chain of Salons, A School and a Curriculum Developer.

“I’ve worked with Tracy and Insight for over 20 years. They are fabulous!”

Thank you Eric,
You are one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. I can’t thank you enough!

Liz Heinberg | Marketing Director | Marpac

“I’ve worked with many agencies and design firms and few people “get me”. Tracy “got me” and helped me flush out ideas I could not yet formulate. Insight made my job easier, more enjoyable and more successful. We worked together on digital marketing and landing pages, digital branding, website development, packaging, Point-Of-Sale displays, event promotions, logo design and product branding. I recommend Insight all the time. 
Thanks Insight!”

Thank you Liz,
I have truly enjoyed working with you. Yes ... you are a little particular but that’s because you want the best. I am proud of the work we did together and helping you fulfill your best intentions. You are awesome!
Thank you! 

Gregory W. Menas | CEO | Kavitate


Thank you Gregory,
Maybe you’re the genius? Maybe your genius brings out the best in me. 
Thanks for everything!

Conrade Insurance Group

"Our new website design went live yesterday and we can’t wait for you to check it out! We’ve had so much fun working on our website with Tracy Holdeman and his team at Insight Design in Wichita. We think they’ve done an incredible job developing our website! Let us know what you think!

Thank You! 
Chris, Lydia, Sidney, Martha and Rachel. We really enjoyed working with you all. Love your energy and having a lot of fun while doing great work together! 

Jodi Drinkwater | Filmmaker 

Award-winning designers, sleek and concise logos are memorable and beautiful. His imaginative yet professional brand designs capture the essence of a business and captivate the mind of the viewer in a few simple strokes. Holdeman has the ability to take the abstract concepts of a business and formulate them in a fixed and elegant representation.

Thank you Jodi,
You are an artist through and through. There is nothing fake about you. You are the real thing!

Kevass J. Harding | Pastor of Dellrose Methodist Church | Executive Director of HOPE | CEO of Christian Brother Construction | CEO of ICT Cleaners

“O My! I gave Tracy an idea for the HOPE logo and he politely sail, “That’s nice.” Then he came back with a logo that blew me away. Absolutely amazing! Tracy took my vision and condensed it to it’s essence and gave it life. Thank you so much Insight.”

Thank you Kevass,
Thank you for all you do in and for the community. Thank you for educating and helping people realize home ownership and beyond through HOPE ( Thank you for putting people to work with Christian Brother Construction ( and ICT Cleaners ( Thank you for Pastoring and revitalizing Dellrose Church and community. It’s an absolute pleasure working with you.

Kelly Morgan | Marketing | J. P. Weigand & Sons

Tracy does it all superbly; great listener, smart design, on time and on budget. Thanks Insight!

Thank you Kelly,
You are the consummate professional and make my job so much easier. THANK YOU!

Scott Kaye | Managing Director Streamside Ventures 

Tracy Holdeman has done a fantastic job for me on logo and web design projects for several early stage ventures.

Thank you Scott,
I always admire your ability to see into the future and formulate a business out of thin air.