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Your logo design must work on your website.

If you haven't noticed everyone and every company has a website. It is the marketplace. We think of "The Web" as website designs viewed on a computer screen but in reality more website views accrue on smart phone than on traditional computers. What does this mean for your logo design? It means most of the latest trends in logo design will guarantee your logo will not work in it's most viewed context, your, website with a smart phone.

Logo design is best when thinking is first applied.

Most of the latest logo design trends lean on computer technology rather than thinking power. There are so many logo designers now. Per capita we have more logo designers than ever before in the history of the U.S.A. You can get 30 designers doing 20 different designs in three days for only $29.99. or some outrageous scenario. But what kind of logo design do you get? You get a lot of computer trained designers that use technology gimmicks rather than the power of thought. Yes I can easily make a bee hive out of geometric flowers that are blowing in the wind, but will anyone be able to see in on a website, website banner ad or smart phone for that matter. Computer technology makes an abundant array of techniques possible now but it doesn't make them smart logo designs.

Logo design questions you might want to ask your brand strategist or graphic designer.

Can my logo design work as a favicon?
Can my logo design work as a button graphic?
Will that "cool" pattern, sleek transparency, or all those little geometric shapes be visible small, viewed on a smart phone?
When someone does see my logo design, what will it mean to them?

Insight Design Communications is one of the most award winning logo design studios in the world. We have received over 20 international awards for logo design from just Graphis alone.

Learn more about our thoughtful logo design work at

Logo Design by Tracy Holdeman and are website designs ©Tracy Holdeman

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Figural logo design

Figural logo designs might be the most used images in all logo design history. Figural logo designs were most popular in the first half of the 20th century before computers and when drawing skills were highly advanced. In recent decades figural logo designs have disappeared from the graphic design landscape because few designers have the drawing skills to create figural logo designs. Therefore, a figural logo can be a unique and effective logo design approach for any brand identity.
The figure is used to represent the abstract concept of all artist. The figure is raising up a star which symbolizes the idea of art. The figure raising the star shows the artist hanging his work to share with the world. The confetti and streamers running through the figure and the star symbolizes a celebration in the process of the artist sharing his art. He is raising art and it is that act that also raises spirits. It's a celebration of the uplifting effects of art.

Client: Wichita Art Museum event logo design
Industry: Arts & entertainment logo
Style: Figural logo design
Location: Wichita logo design


Wordmark or signature mark logo design

Not all logo designs are made with images, some are made with texts and images while others are simply text. A logo design that is only text is called a typography logo, logotype, word mark or signature mark. The type can be very straight forward or illustrated to communicate a specific feeling or attitude. A typographic logo can use a common font purchased from a font house, a modified font, a  hand drawn graphic design font or a computer illustrated font. We rarely use a purchased font for a logotype because anyone can purchase the same font and use it. On the other hand, a specially created font will be unique in the marketplace and be better protected by copyright laws.
Squeezer's Palace is a re-creation of a 70's ice cream store. We developed typography for the logo based on historical 70's fonts. We hand illustrated the logo letterforms to match the essence of the original hand drawn logo. Redesigning the letterforms also allowed us to make the logo more compact and there fore more legible as store signage.

Client: Squeezer's Palace logo design
Industry: Restaurant logo design
Style: Typographic logo design
Location: Wichita logo design


Initial logo design

Logo designs that use company initials have been common from the beginning of graphic design, branding and even today in our website design world. An initial logo design is simply a logo that uses the initials of the company name. The key to this common type of logo design a successful logo is developing a truly unique image that holds visual interest.
Shallow Valley Foods uses the "S" and "V" from Shadow Valley.  The 'S" is a geometric and three dimensional ribbon weaving in and out of the "V". The three dimensional effect is done without the use of gradations for better printing and visual impact on virtually any application. The 3D illusion is created with white space to to show one element in front of the other and two shades of red to show depth. The combination of weaving and depth create a visually memorable logo design.

Client: Shadow Valley logo design
Industry: Food service logo design
Style: Initial logo design
Location: Wichita logo design


Character logo design

A character logo uses a face or figure in an exaggerated illustration style to tell the most impactful story possible. Character logo designs are most commonly used for major sport franchise logo designs and even local small town sport team logo designs.
The Central Raiders logo design is a character logo illustrated to endow the bandit, the mascot, with extra toughness and meanness. The bandit has been the school mascot for over 50 years so he was maintained as the logo. Elements were added to the bandit such as the hat with the letter "R" and the handkerchief to be sold as merchandise and add extra fan excitement at sporting events.

Client: Central Raiders logo design
Industry: Sports logo
Type: Character logo design
Location: Logo design Wichita, Kansas


Animal logo design

Animal logo designs are ancient history in graphic design terms, but as in any endeavor, creativity and a unique perspective applied to tried and true concepts can make a very impressive visual statement. Animals allow for virtually any expressive idea and are universally understood.
The Surfing Bull concept restaurant logo design is a remix of the old boring "Surf and Turf" terminology. Surfing Bull is a steak and seafood restaurant. The logo illustration is based loosely on Cubist drawings by Pablo Picasso which embodies the logo design with a funky alternative look and feel. The bull is actually surfing, riding a wave. The surf board cleverly illustrates the water with it's bottom line.

Client: Surfing Bull logo design
Industry: Food and drink logo design
Type: Animal logo design
Location: Logo design Wichita graphic design


Crest logo design

Crest logo designs are a derivative of the old world "coat of arms". A coat of arms is a unique heraldic design on a shield or escutcheon or on a surcoat or tabard used to cover and protect armor and to identify the wearer. Thus the term is often stated as "coat-armor", because it was anciently displayed on the front of a coat of cloth. The design is a symbol unique to an individual person, and to his family, corporation, or state. Such displays are commonly called armorial bearings, armorial devices, heraldic devices, or simply armorials or arms. Today we use this concept for logo designs.

Client: Carlos O'Kelly's Mexican Cafe vender event logo
Industry: Restaurant logo design
Type: Crest logo design
Location: Wichita logo design


"Modern" logo design

A modern logo design could be almost anything but in the big picture a modern logo is simple and usually literal but heavily stylized with a new typographic feel. The shapes are easy to draw on a computer and consist of geometric shapes cleverly assembled.
The GoJoe's logo design is a steaming cup of coffee held by cupped hands. Hands that seem to hold the cup of coffee with great care and concern as if GoJoe's coffee is special and ready to go. The steam is made of dots that are extrapolated onto other elements of the brand and graphic design. The colors are a modern combination of a toxic blue and a traditional brown.

Client: GoJoe's logo design
Industry: Food and drink logo
Style: Modern logo design
Location: Wichita logo design


Simple logo design

The logo design is two arrows interacting with the negative space creating an “N”. The simplicity is what makes the brand logo engaging. The consumers eye and mind fills in the empty space, like a light bulb turning on inside the brain the viewer realizes the logo has just acted out the company name.

Location: Logo design Kansas City
Style: Simple logo design
Industry: Technology logo design


Illustrative logo design

The Stables is a creative collective housed in a renovated horse stable originally built in 1929. The logo shows a hard working blacksmith pounding an iron to create. From the figures powerful strike comes forth an explosion of light and creativity complete with a © copyright symbol made from a horseshoe.

Location:Logo design  Wichita kS
Style: Illustrative logo design
Industry: Business service logo design


Abstract logo design

LifeVentures offers educational classes and programs for seniors. The educational programs and events include speakers, classes and with every event, class or speaker many seniors naturally gather together making every event a social event. The logo depicts these aspects of the nonprofit organization but moreover the logo is a metaphorical “Tree of Life”. A place to learn, grow and come together.

Location: Logo design Wichita KS
Style: Abstract logo design
Industry: Senior Care logo design

Conceptual logo design

The Anvil logo design is purely conceptual. Anvil is a business created to create new businesses. Like an actual anvil is a tool used to create other tools. Anvil is a metaphor. The brand visual is two steps of an infinite pattern that diagrams infinite creation. For example, the center circle is surrounded by a circle of dots. That (center circle surrounded by a circle of dots) is repeated at the red dot. If the pattern is extended out it would repeat into infinity. The Anvil logo is a perfect example of design style matching the company profile. The idea of the company is conceptual so a simple and clean design puts the idea, the concept,  in the forefront. An illustrative or complex logo design would distract from the conceptual meaning of the logo.

Location: Logo design  Wichita, kS
Style: Conceptual logo design

Industry: Technology logo design

Typographic logo design

For the Timberline Steakhouse and Grill logo design we developed a hand drawn woodcut illustration and graphic design style to match the name and casual eating concept and restaurant atmosphere of the brand. Illustrating the typography made it possible to use large readable type for signage while also giving the logo design an engaging character and style.

Location: Logo design Wichita KS

Style: Typographic logo design

Industry:  Food and beverage logo design

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Blend & Grind is a smoothie, coffee, and juice bar located in the downtown area of Raleigh, NC. The store front is located in a high end "shopping center" with an upscale industrial feel (wood and metal). Blend & Grind appeals to the young modern customers that go to the local colleges as well as the older wealthier customers that live in the area. This logo is a circle divided into four parts: steam from coffee, juice squirting and two gears one represents a coffee cup and the other an orange. The leaf on top helps visualize the idea of an orange and signals a healthy choice to consumers. Logo Design Raleigh, NC. By Tracy Holdeman

Logo design by Insight Design Communications

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JunkPro is a professional junk removal business that we completely re-branded from new logo to new website design. The website design allows JunkPro to change and update easily with a content management system (CMS). Our client even can adjust his complex online consumer scheduling from his phone. We also designed and built the JunkPro website with search engine optimization (SEO) for excellent Google rankings. ranks number one on Google keyword search " junk removal wichita" and number one on Google local listings keyword search " junk removal wichita". The website design is quick to navigate, easy to understand and engages the consumer immediately with key information and a simple call to action. So now that our client is number one on Google the website design also moves customers to act.

We can't thank our client enough for all of his effort and assistance in developing this website.

Logo Design Wichita, the website of Tracy Holdeman and his team. For websites exceptionally branded, geared for search engine optimization (SEO) success and beautifully designed websites call or e-mail us. We specialize in website design, graphic design and logo design. Website Design Wichita.

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Swiss Arabian is a major perfume manufacturer and retailer throughout the Middle East and parts of Europe. This logo identity uses multilayered meanings of our graphic design invention of the “The Arabian Kiss”. A kiss in Middle Eastern culture is a greeting of friendship and respect, a kiss is also sexual, forbidden. It’s the combination of good and forbidden that gives this simple logo design such impact.

“The Arabian Kiss” is also a metaphoric voice for the voiceless women of the Middle East.

Tracy Holdeman is Executive Creative Director of Insight Design Communications. Insight Design Communications is known for exceptional graphic design, logo design, website design and branding. You can also see Tracy's work at,, and

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60 Logos in 60 seconds only shows about 1/5 th of the logos we have created.This video shows some of our favorite logos like Tanya's Soup kitchen Logo, Kansas Kids Heart Center Logo, Catalyst Marketing logo, Belite Electronics logo, and  the Stables logo to name a few. This video also shows some well known wichita, KS brands like Old Town logo design, J. P. Weigand and Sons logo,, Wichita Ballet logo design, Larkspur Bistro and Bar logo, Foulston Siefkin logo, and others. A number of award winning logos shine in this little video for example the Prospector Brand Meats, Trailhead Brand Meats, 5280 Brand Meats logos, Fresh Paint, Stables, Carlos O'Kelly's Golf Championship, Prairie Print and other logo designs won international awards and the prestigious Judges Choice Award for the GooGoo Wonderland logo, a decorative balloon and gift store in Malaysia. As a Judges Choice Winner Insight Design Communications is recognized for creating one of the three best logos in the world for the two years prior.  You will also see logos for large corporations as well as small businesses located in: Wichita, Kansas, Kansas City, Missouri, Denver, Colorado, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Dallas, Texas. All material © Tracy Holdeman, Insight Design Communications.

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Insight Design Communications wins an amazing 9 international logo design awards plus the prestigious Judges Choice Award for the GooGoo Wonderland logo, a decorative balloon and gift store in Malaysia. As a Judges Choice Winner Insight Design Communications is recognized for creating one of the three best logos in the world for the two years prior. Insight's logo designs are featured in the full-color hard cover book entitled, "Letterhead + Logo Design 12", an international letterhead and logo design competition. Winners include design firms and large agencies from all around the world like Germany, England, Brazil, Australia, Russia and more. The full-color, 9 x 11-inch hardcover book features the best logo design and letterhead design from around the world.

Buy the book

Tracy Holdeman of Insight Design Communications said, “It’s quite an achievement for a small graphic design studio like us, here in little ol’ Wichita, Kansas to be honored with more award winning logo designs than all but two agencies across the entire globe.” And to also win the prestigious Judges Choice Award. We just want to thank our amazing clients and the authors, Oxide Design Co. and Rockport Publishers for this incredible honor.

The below logos are the award winning logo designs by Insight Design Communications, Wichita, KS.

Letterhead + Logo Design 12 Judges Choice Award, GooGoo Wonderland is a balloon decoration, candy, party supply and soft toy retail store in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The logo design depicts a multi-ethnic palace where the only limitation is your imagination. GooGoo Wonderland is more than a selection of products and services that bring happiness and good will to Malaysian consumers. GooGoo Wonderland is a place in the mind, a place of surprise, wonder and magic that lives within all of us.

Colorado Premium: 5280 Brand Meats – Top Quality Meats.Mile High 5280 logo design is part of a three tier branding plan of Colorado Premium.1. Mile High 5280 is the premium brand of meats. This logo symbolizes2. Trailhead is the value premium brand of meats. Trailhead symbolizes the start of the trail that leads upwards. 3. Prospector is the value brand of meats. The Prospector is searching and finding value.

Colorado Premium: Trailhead Brand Meats – Mid-Level Quality Meats. Trailhead logo design is part of a three tier branding plan of Colorado Premium.

Colorado Premium: Prospector Brand Meats – Economy Meats. Prospector logo design is part of a three tier branding plan of Colorado Premium.

Holzer Marketing Logo Design: Marketing from Farm to Consumer

Holzer Marketing offers services from farm to consumer and all points in between. We put the farm on the consumers plate to make the point. Also, Holzer Marketing’s specialty is beef, within the beef industry beef is know as the “center of the plate”.

Catalyst Marketing Logo Design: Business Sales for the Industrial Market. Catalyst Marketing jump starts or re-starts industrial businesses with aggressive sales assistance.

The River of Life Worship Center Logo Design: Pentecostal church and community center known for the raising of hands in the worship of GOD.

Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Café Logo Design: Golf Tournament Logo.

Lost Art Development Co. Logo Design: Wholesaler of Home Decor, Garden Decor and Gift Products for Retail.

The Judges

Insight Design Communications is one of the most recognized brand and logo design firms in the United States working from our Wichita, Kansas location with clients from across the country including places like Kansas City, Dallas Texas, Oklahoma City, Wichita KS and more.

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Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Café golf logo and brand icon by
Insight Design Communications, sports logo.

Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Cafe is a 7 state restaurant chain. It’s concept is both, a Mexican cafe and an Irish bar, the reason for the Aztec stripes and clover in the logo crest.

The Carlos O’Kelly’s golf tournament is no championship. It’s just a fun time for vendors and employees. So we made a serious “Golf Championship’ logo to be funny. Even the colors carry out the joke because they are taken from “The Masters”, arguably the most prestigious golf tournament in the world, steeped in golf tradition and lore.

This award winning sports logo design will appear in Rockport Publishers “Logo and Letterhead Design 12” an international logo design competition.

Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Café chain: three color golf tournament logo with natural background and brand icon.

Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican restaurant: three color embroidery golf logo on white golf shirt.

Carlos O’Kelly’s restaurant embroidered brand icon on white golf shirt.

Carlos O’Kelly’s Restaurant chain: one color golf sports logo and sports icon with Pantone 129 yellow reversed out of Pantone 350 green.

Carlos O’Kelly’s Restaurant logo design: one color golf logo with brand icon using natural kraft Pantone 466 reversed out of Pantone 350 green.

Carlos O’Kelly’s Restaurant logo as a one color logo brand image icon using natural Kraft Pantone

This brand image will appear in Wisconsin, Virginia, Nebraska, Missouri, Minnesota, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana.

Wisconsin logo design
9396 State Road 16
Onalaska, WI 54650-8526
(608) 783-1782

Virginia logo design
2860 Jefferson Davis Hwy
Stafford, VA 22554
(540) 659-9982

2306 Plank Road
Fredericksburg, VA 22401-4902
(540) 373-5436

Nebraska logo design
4455 North 27th Street
Lincoln, NE 68521-4111
(402) 438-4455

119 3rd Avenue
Kearney, NE 68847
(308) 238-0100

1810 N Diers Ave
Grand Island, NE 68803-1233
(308) 384-3045

2016 Cornhusker Road
Bellevue, NE 68123-4422
(402) 934-4963

12930 West Maple Road
Omaha, NE 68164-1873
(402) 445-2301

3130 Pine Lake Road
Lincoln, NE 68516-6018
(402) 423-2033

Missouri logo design
3818 Frederick Avenue
St. Joseph, MO 64506-3021
(816) 232-6010

4100 South Campbell Avenue
Springfield, MO 65807-5310
(417) 890-0220 Springfield is only 45 minutes from Kansas City.

Minnesota logo design
4825 Highway 52 North
Rochester, MN 55901-0162
(507) 282-2590

Kansas logo design

7703 East Douglas Avenue,
Wichita, KS
(316) 689-8800

527 South Ridge Circle,
Wichita, KS
(316) 721-5885

3025 North Rock Road,
Wichita, KS
(316) 636-4343

Logo Design Salina
2259 South 9th Street
Salina, KS 67401-7313
(785) 826-1501

Logo Design Manhattan
100 Manhattan Town Ctr # 33
Manhattan, KS 66502-6001
(785) 537-4688

Logo Design Lawrence
707 West 23rd Street
Lawrence, KS 66046-4405
(785) 832-0550

Logo Design Hutchinson
909 East 30th Avenue
Hutchinson, KS 67502-4224
(620) 665-9885

Logo Design Hays
4107 Vine Street
Hays, KS 67601-9482
(785) 628-9900

Insight Design Communications is a professional logo design agency with extensive experience in developing custom logos for business.

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Hunter Cattle Company Logo Design family owned and operated ranch.

Hunter Cattle Company’s most compelling narrative is that it is family owned and operated, nothing factory. It’s a family farm and family tradition. The Hunter Cattle Company logo design depicts the generational tradition of raising and caring for cattle in the natural grass. The icon, as a secondary branding element, is used to reinforce “Natural Grassfed Beef” which is another compelling story of Hunter Cattle Company.

430 Driggers Rd. Brooklet, Ga. 30415. If you want to order some great steaks call: 912-823-BEEF. or email:

Two color Hunter Cattle Company logo design with white background.

Two color Hunter Cattle Company brand icon with white background.

One color Hunter Cattle Company logo design with white background.

One color Natural Grass fed Beef brand icon with white background.

Two color Hunter Cattle Company logo design with background color.

Reversed Hunter Cattle Business logo design.

Reversed Natural Grass fed Beef brand icon.

Natural Grassfed Beef branding icon black and white.

Hunter Cattle Company professional logo design black and white.
Family owned logo design. Protein logo design.

This logo design will appear in Savannah Georgia, Port Wentworth Georgia, Garden City Georgia, Statesboro Georgia, Booklet Georgia, Springfield Georgia, Augusta Georgia, Athens Georgia, and more. We hope to see this logo design in Kansas City Missouri, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, and Denver Colorado.

Insight Design is a creative logo design company with extensive experience in creating custom logo designs for retail businesses, manufacturing companies, service agencies and more.

Insight Design is known for logo design Savannah Georgia logo design Kansas City Missouri, logo design Oklahoma City Oklahoma and logo design Wichita.

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The Swift’s Angus, Guaranteed Tender Beef logo design is a national brand primarily focused in the Eastern part of the U.S. beginning in the Washington D.C. area. The brand market position for the beef is middle class in terms of price point and product benefits. The logo and brand was created to add value to the guarantee, boldly stated in the brand name, and to project a powerful visual for the well branded Angus name. The retail and food service logo design has an “official” shield authenticating the beef’s primary claim and referencing the USDA Choice and Select beef symbols.

The Swift’s Angus, Guaranteed Tender Beef logo design and brand identity. The Swift’s Angus 4’ tall triangle hanging sign. Insight Design Communications, food logo design.

The Swift’s Angus, Guaranteed Tender Beef brand design for large and small case dividers.

The Swift’s Angus, Guaranteed Tender Beef branding for 3’ wide case header.

The Swift’s Angus, Guaranteed Tender Beef packaging label.

The Swift’s Angus, cap and apron using one and two colors.

The Swift’s Angus, Guaranteed Tender Beef apron using four Pantone colors.

The Swift’s Angus, Guaranteed Tender Beef logo design four color on white.

The Swift’s Angus, Guaranteed Tender Beef logo design black and white.

The Swift’s Angus, Guaranteed Tender Beef logo design two color on black.

The Swift’s Angus, Guaranteed Tender Beef logo design two color on metallic cooper.

The Swift’s Angus, Guaranteed Tender Beef T-Bone photo design by Insight Design, a Wichita logo design company.

The Swift’s Angus, Guaranteed Tender Beef strip steak professional photo design by Insight Design, Wichita logo design comany.

This logo design will appear in Kansas City KS, Greeley CO, St. Louis MO, Washington D.C., Oklahoma City OK, and more.

Insight Design is a professional logo design company with extensive experience in creating custom logo designs for business. We work with businesses all over the U.S. and locally we do: Logo Design Hutchinson, Professional Logo Design Newton, Creative Logo Design Derby and Logo Design Andover.

1770 Promontory Circle
Greeley, Colorado 80634

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