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Feb 04 2011

Inspired Church Logo Design

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Designing logos for churches is not the way to untold wealth, but I have found working with churches surprisingly gratifying. Church leaders intuitively understand a logo design can communicate with deep and profound meaning. The process, usually with committees, has been steady and highly reasoned and the individuals have always been considerate and thoughtful.

We have done logos for several Christian denominations and ministries; Catholic Church and School Logo Design, Evangelical Church Logo Design, Pentecostal Church Logo Design and a Fundamentalist Church Logo Design.

River of Life Worship Center, Church Logo Design, Haysville, Kansas.
1100 East Grand Avenue, Haysville, KS 67060-1425
Insight Design Communications, a Kansas Logo Design Company.

The River of Life Worship Center is a Pentecostal church and community center known for the raising of hands in the worship of GOD. (They did pray and raise hands before and after every meeting.) Pastor Greene and the committee that worked with us on the logo and identity were extremely conscientious and gracious in every way. What a fabulous group of people really working to live the Christian life.

The River of Life Church logo is an extremely unique visual where one image can be seen as two different ideas. The logo at one look is hands raised to the heavens reaching for GOD. With another look the logo is the Christian symbol for the Holy Spirit, a dove. Specifically within the Pentecostal beliefs the dove is associated with baptism, of which water is used. Moreover, the two images tell the story of conversion. The hands reaching to GOD in humility become filled with the Holy Spirit, the image of the dove. The conversion, being filled with the Holy Spirit is "The River of Life".

The River of Life Worship Center logo is also a national award winning logo design. It will appear in Rockport Publishers national competition and hard cover book, Logo and Letterhead Design 12. This latest edition in the best-selling annual Letterhead and Logo Design series features the most innovative and exciting work in the field of graphic design and logo design from well-known design leaders, new design firms, and cutting-edge artists throughout the world. This broad range of work is a reflection of the most important logo design work in the USA today.

River of Life Worship Center, Church logo design reversed.

River of Life Worship Center, Pentecostal Ministry logo design with modified fonts.

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