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"Our new website design went live yesterday and we can’t wait for you to check it out! We’ve had so much fun working on our website with Tracy Holdeman and his team at Insight Design in Wichita. We think they’ve done an incredible job developing our website! Let us know what you think!

Thank You! 
Chris, Lydia, Sidney, Martha and Rachel. We really enjoyed working with you all. Love your energy and having a lot of fun while doing great work together! 

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Tracy Holdeman has done a fantastic job for me on logo and web design projects for several early stage ventures.

Thank you Scott,
I always admire your ability to see into the future and formulate a business out of thin air.

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Award-winning designers, sleek and concise logos are memorable and beautiful. His imaginative yet professional brand designs capture the essence of a business and captivate the mind of the viewer in a few simple strokes. Holdeman has the ability to take the abstract concepts of a business and formulate them in a fixed and elegant representation.

Thank you Jodi,
You are an artist through and through. There is nothing fake about you. You are the real thing!

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Blend & Grind is a smoothie, coffee, and juice bar located in the downtown area of Raleigh, NC. The store front is located in a high end "shopping center" with an upscale industrial feel (wood and metal). Blend & Grind appeals to the young modern customers that go to the local colleges as well as the older wealthier customers that live in the area. This logo is a circle divided into four parts: steam from coffee, juice squirting and two gears one represents a coffee cup and the other an orange. The leaf on top helps visualize the idea of an orange and signals a healthy choice to consumers. Logo Design Raleigh, NC. By Tracy Holdeman

Logo design by Insight Design Communications

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Insight Design Communications wins an amazing 9 international logo design awards plus the prestigious Judges Choice Award for the GooGoo Wonderland logo, a decorative balloon and gift store in Malaysia. As a Judges Choice Winner Insight Design Communications is recognized for creating one of the three best logos in the world for the two years prior. Insight's logo designs are featured in the full-color hard cover book entitled, "Letterhead + Logo Design 12", an international letterhead and logo design competition. Winners include design firms and large agencies from all around the world like Germany, England, Brazil, Australia, Russia and more. The full-color, 9 x 11-inch hardcover book features the best logo design and letterhead design from around the world.

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Tracy Holdeman of Insight Design Communications said, “It’s quite an achievement for a small graphic design studio like us, here in little ol’ Wichita, Kansas to be honored with more award winning logo designs than all but two agencies across the entire globe.” And to also win the prestigious Judges Choice Award. We just want to thank our amazing clients and the authors, Oxide Design Co. and Rockport Publishers for this incredible honor.

The below logos are the award winning logo designs by Insight Design Communications, Wichita, KS.

Letterhead + Logo Design 12 Judges Choice Award, GooGoo Wonderland is a balloon decoration, candy, party supply and soft toy retail store in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The logo design depicts a multi-ethnic palace where the only limitation is your imagination. GooGoo Wonderland is more than a selection of products and services that bring happiness and good will to Malaysian consumers. GooGoo Wonderland is a place in the mind, a place of surprise, wonder and magic that lives within all of us.

Colorado Premium: 5280 Brand Meats – Top Quality Meats.Mile High 5280 logo design is part of a three tier branding plan of Colorado Premium.1. Mile High 5280 is the premium brand of meats. This logo symbolizes2. Trailhead is the value premium brand of meats. Trailhead symbolizes the start of the trail that leads upwards. 3. Prospector is the value brand of meats. The Prospector is searching and finding value.

Colorado Premium: Trailhead Brand Meats – Mid-Level Quality Meats. Trailhead logo design is part of a three tier branding plan of Colorado Premium.

Colorado Premium: Prospector Brand Meats – Economy Meats. Prospector logo design is part of a three tier branding plan of Colorado Premium.

Holzer Marketing Logo Design: Marketing from Farm to Consumer

Holzer Marketing offers services from farm to consumer and all points in between. We put the farm on the consumers plate to make the point. Also, Holzer Marketing’s specialty is beef, within the beef industry beef is know as the “center of the plate”.

Catalyst Marketing Logo Design: Business Sales for the Industrial Market. Catalyst Marketing jump starts or re-starts industrial businesses with aggressive sales assistance.

The River of Life Worship Center Logo Design: Pentecostal church and community center known for the raising of hands in the worship of GOD.

Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Café Logo Design: Golf Tournament Logo.

Lost Art Development Co. Logo Design: Wholesaler of Home Decor, Garden Decor and Gift Products for Retail.

The Judges

Insight Design Communications is one of the most recognized brand and logo design firms in the United States working from our Wichita, Kansas location with clients from across the country including places like Kansas City, Dallas Texas, Oklahoma City, Wichita KS and more.

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