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Logo Design for Lincoln D. Scott Residential Contractor is simple in Black and White. The lion represents the pride and honor LDS conducts it's business.
Blend & Grind Coffee, Smoothie and Juice Bar Logo Design that incorporates a spinning gear to inhance the brand in it's industrial building and location.

Marpac Sleep logo design that shows a persons head in the clouds. Marpac is an the catagory leader of sleep wellness.

GenerationOn is the largest youth volunteer network in the U.S.

The logo design ask teens to make their mark on the world

Eric Fisher Salon Logo Design is a circle with high intensity patterns for unique style and feel.

SourceWood logo is an S made of arrows to signify sourcing from all angles.

The Old Town logo represents an exciting area of down town Wichita. The Old Town district includes enertainment, night clubs, art galleries, restaurants, special events, lofts and appartments, Farmer's Market and more...

Logo Design for Thrive Restaurant Group that uses line drawn organic plants and flowers in bloom to create the visual impression of flourish.
Bohorrito Food Truck logo design is a visual capture of the feeling of Tulum Mexico. A place of time and texture, simple and very human.
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