Logos (150)

SourceWood logo is an S made of arrows to signify sourcing from all angles.

Arise Concrete Leveling logo design is a sidewalk in perspective perfectly leveled. The Arise logo type is a modified font. Arise is Wichita Kansas start-up company.
Logo Design for Thrive Restaurant Group that uses line drawn organic plants and flowers in bloom to create the visual impression of flourish.
Bohorrito Food Truck logo design is a visual capture of the feeling of Tulum Mexico. A place of time and texture, simple and very human.

Kaws: Kansas Alliance for Wetlands Logo Design combines people, water, wildlife and wetlands.

Primal Butcher, Back To Source, Logo Design is a product line of ancestral food for a low carb lifestyle. MyPrimalButcher.com
Ion Clairety Logo Design is two shapes that are exactly the same but flipped horizontally and vertically

The Wichita Kansas Scotch and Sirloin is the premier steakhouse in the midwest. Established 1968. The elegent logo design is a beautiful brand fusion with the amazing architecture.

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