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The Hive logo design is created from an octagon shape that is also the structure of a bee hive. The bees in the logo are also designed from the octagon shape.

March of Dimes 75th Anniversary Brand Icons simulates the merit patches worn by girl and boy scouts

The March of Dimes 75th Anniversary Logo simulates the merit patches worn by girl and boy scouts. We celebrate all the achievements that we have acomplished together..

HomeGrown brand includes apparel like hats and t-shirts that are sold in-store.

The HomeGrown apperal logo was designed to work with silkscreen, embriodery and as a patch.

Rock Island Lofts & Appartments logo design matches the historic look of the area. 

Rock Island Lofts is a historic multidwelling property in the heart of historic market district of downtown Wichita.


Mill Rose Farm logo design reflects the history of the Rose family farm.

Mill Rosre Farm brand has been providing McDonald's with Canadian Bacon form the beginning.

Anvil Conceptual Logo Design with a single unit pattern that extrapolates infinatly, like the an anvil is a tool that makes other tools.

HomeGrown brand is a healthy and locally sourced restaurant that also serves alcoholic drinks in the AM.

HomeGrown logo design is a flower/bee/the natural process of life and food.

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