Logos (157)

Shallow Valley Foods produces a variety of farm fresh dairy products like ice cream.

The logo design is entirely typographic.

The logo design depicts the calm over turbulant waters as a metaphor about investment strategies.

Artisan, Dry Aged Beef is a brand aspect of Meyer Natural Angus.

Artisan, Dry Aged Beef Logo Design is reflective of a time when quality and service was common.

Wichita Real Estate logo is a website that eliminates realtor. The logo is a house with an invisible realtor in the center.

Carlos O'Kelly's Reastaurant Taco Event Logo depicts a hand holding a taco up like a protest hand rased.

Typographic logo design for Tamalera Cookery and Restaurant with a textural quality simmilar to a tamales.

Camperland Repair and Service Logo Design is made of a wench and flames. A wrench for service and flames because they make your camper or RV ride like a hot rod.

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