“O My! I gave Tracy an idea for the HOPE logo and he politely sail, “That’s nice.” Then he came back with a logo that blew me away. Absolutely amazing! Tracy took my vision and condensed it to it’s essence and gave it life. Thank you so much Insight.”

Thank you Kevass,
Thank you for all you do in and for the community. Thank you for educating and helping people realize home ownership and beyond through HOPE (http://hopebuildscommunity.org/). Thank you for putting people to work with Christian Brother Construction (http://christianbrotherconstruction.com/) and ICT Cleaners (http://ictcleaners.com/). Thank you for Pastoring and revitalizing Dellrose Church and community. It’s an absolute pleasure working with you.

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“I’ve worked with many agencies and design firms and few people “get me”. Tracy “got me” and helped me flush out ideas I could not yet formulate. Insight made my job easier, more enjoyable and more successful. We worked together on digital marketing and landing pages, digital branding, website development, packaging, Point-Of-Sale displays, event promotions, logo design and product branding. I recommend Insight all the time. 
Thanks Insight!”

Thank you Liz,
I have truly enjoyed working with you. Yes ... you are a little particular but that’s because you want the best. I am proud of the work we did together and helping you fulfill your best intentions. You are awesome!
Thank you! 

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“Tracy and Insight are exceptional! They have helped me formulate my marketing messages and have been intregrale in developing the renewed brand image of The Scotch. For 15 years, Insight has created logos, websites, signage, menus, food photography and restaurant interior photography, social media and much more my businesses. We work together and I trust in our combined efforts.”

Thank you Mike,
You express your passion and vision in such moving terms that I can’t help but be inspired. Thank you for all you have done for me personally and my business. Thank you is not enough.

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Aug 27 2018


We are a multidisciplinary design firm with extensive experience in Corporate Identity and Brand Development. Based in Wichita Kansas, Insight Design is a practitioner of the art & artistry of visual communication. We apply creativity in the interpretation and application of marketing information to best reach our clients business goals with logo design, digital and traditional branding, website development or social media.    

In a world of overwhelming choice, overflowing abundance, fragmenting of distribution channels and increased consumer control, the new marketplace is individualized and interpersonal, which has rendered traditional marketing methodologies ineffective.  

At Insight we are creative designers working in the realm of marketing. Creativity as a means of reaching the consumer with the most salient message. Creativity as a visual differentiator. Creativity as a prospector of simplicity. Creativity as a psychologist of emotional empathy. Creativity as a brand architect. Creativity as a means of designing effectively in the real world. 

We believe that the best brands–those that are most successful–are in many ways like people. They have a personality, a character, unique unto themselves that engages and connects on more than just a rational level, but with the emotional complexity that is the human experience. The best brands function like interpersonal relationships. Creativity is the incalculable advantage.

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HomeGrown brand is a healthy and locally sourced restaurant that also serves alcoholic drinks in the AM.

HomeGrown logo design is a flower/bee/the natural process of life and food.

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HomeGrown brand includes apparel like hats and t-shirts that are sold in-store.

The HomeGrown apperal logo was designed to work with silkscreen, embriodery and as a patch.

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SpeakEasy Distribution Brand is alcohol wholesale and distribution.

SpeakEasy Distribution logo design is a 20's era wagon hauling king size drinks.

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The logo design depicts the calm over turbulant waters as a metaphor about investment strategies.

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Aug 23 2018



HomeGrown is a daytime eatery that uses locally sourced ingredients with their uniquely healthy and delisious menu. HomeGrown also serves jucies, teas and coffees, beer and booze as earlly as 6 AM. The logo design is a flower and a bee polinating the flower in one image. It represents the natural flow of life and the delisiousness found in healthy eating. Cultivate Kindness is one of HomeGrowns’ founding concepts.  Bringing people together around kindness and delisious and healthy food is the vision of the  owners HomeGrown.

HomeGrown Brand Development:

Logo Design | Branding | Signage | In-Store Signage | Point-Of-Sale material | Appearal | Package Design and more.

HomeGrown Branda
HomeGrown Brandb
HomeGrown Brandc
HomeGrown Brandd
HomeGrown Brande
HomeGrown Brandg
HomeGrown Brandh
HomeGrown Brandi
HomeGrown Brandj
HomeGrown Brandk
HomeGrown Brandl
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