St.Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church Logo Design, Wichita, Kansas.
Insight Design Communications, a Kansas Logo Design Company.

The St.Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church Logo Design is a combination of a cross and architectural lines from the churches prominent bell tower and steeple. All the vectors and shapes drive the eye upwards, heavenly intentions.

St.Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church Logo Design, Kansas, on metallic gold.

St.Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church Logo Design, Kansas, reversed.

The one that got away.

St.Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church Logo Design USA.

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church’s intentions is to be fully unified in Christ. 6 beams (- - - I I I) make 3 crosses (+ + +) but, if the 3 crosses are fully unified they multiply to make 9 crosses. The 3 horizontal beams (- - -) represent: Time. Talent. Treasure. The 3 vertical beams (I I I) represent: Father. Son. Holy Spirit. The gold represents the Priest and the blue represents the layity. The logo shows how the layity supports the Priest and that the Priest guides the layity to the Cross, and our Heavenly Father.

St.Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, 1321 North Stratford Lane, Wichita, Kansas.

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New Life Covenant Church Logo Design, Wichita, KS.
Insight Design Communications, a Creative Logo Design Company.

The New Life Covenant Church, here in Wichita, Kansas, wanted to express with their logo and identity that they were a serious ministry with serious believers who truly challenged themselves, not just a Sunday morning church. The New Life Covenant Church’s logo is the symbol of infinity as a flame flowing through the Cross. It’s the eternal flame through Christ.

The illustration style for the New Life Covenant Church logo design is rugged and raw to indicate a sense of truth and realness. Plus, the logo illustration has references to ancient text, Holy Scripture, to validate the brand image tag line, "A people who know their GOD." The New Life Covenant Church logo typography is also distressed and overlaid with elements from old world text.

New Life Covenant Church Logo Design, Kansas, reversed.
Insight Design Communications, a Professional Logo Design Company.

New Life Covenant Church Corporate Identity Design, Wichita, with modified type.

Logos by Insight Design Communications. Insight Design is a professional logo design company.

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RiverWalk Church of Christ Logo Design, Kansas.
Insight Design Communications, a Kansas Logo Design Company.

Central Church changed their name to RiverWalk Church of Christ. “We walk with Christ, We want to lead people to walk with Christ”, were the primary messages they wanted to communicate. To walk with Christ means to pick up your cross. The River Walk Church of Christ logo is a snapshot of that walk. This brand image welcomes people of all sizes and shapes to join in the walk regardless as to what level they are in their beliefs as shown in the diverse group of silhouettes in the logo design.

The RiverWalk Church of Christ Pastor and committee that worked with us on the logo and identity were extremely thoughtful and gracious in every way. What a great group of people really living their Christian beliefs.

RiverWalk Church Logo Design, Downtown Wichita, Kansas, one color logo reversed from Pantone 308 blue.

RiverWalk Church of Christ Logo Design, Downtown Wichita, Kansas, one color logo reversed from Pantone 363 green.
225 North Waco Street Wichita, KS 67202-1189

Insight Design is a graphic design company experienced in exceptional logo design, corporate identity design and branding across all graphic mediums – website design, print design, package design, advertising design and environmental design.

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Belite Aircraft is a start-up company and quickly has become the innovation leader in the light aircraft category. This airplane manufacturer logo design has a creative brand image and logo type. The image is a simple stylized aircraft that informs consumers, but is also conceptual enough to give the new company room to grow into unknown product possibilities. The angle of the plane engages an emotive response of flight in it’s pure form. It soars. The logo type is an Insight Design created font that uses color to break the "Be" from "lite" to emphisize the name's unique call to action. Be lite.

BeLite Aircraft Brand Image
Wichita Logo Design for Ultralight Aircraft Developer and Manufacturer


Belite Aviation Logo design reversed from orange background. Kansas Logo Design for Belite Aircraft Developer and Manufacturer

Belite Aircraft Logo design reversed from orange background.

Belite Aircraft and Aviation Logo Brand Mark as a button for website. 

The Belite Aircraft logo design will be seen as far away as Europe and as close to home as Kansas City, from Wichita, KS to across the USA. The logo was designed by a Kansas logo design company for a Kansas airplane manufacturer.

Insight Design Communications is a graphic design, web design and professional logo design company offering exceptional logo design services to cities across the Midwest such as Dallas TX, Oklahoma City OK, Tulsa OK, Kansas City MO, St. Louis MO, Greeley CO, Denver CO, Topeka KS, Hutchinson KS, Salina KS, Emporia KS, Olathe KS, Dodge City KS and Wichita KS.

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Beyond Napa corporate identity logo design applied to signage.

Creativity within the confines of simplicity can be the most difficult logo designs to develop. But, they can also be the best brand logos if the logo concept is also unique and engaging. The Beyond Napa logo combines two different elements, grapes and a cork screw. The two simple images are integrated by the cork screw which also appears as the stem of the grape vine. This interplay of images creates unique visual interest that holds the eye and communicates both wine and wine accessories. The cork screw / grape vine turning into the grapes implies authentic and pure wines. It also shows the interplay between the two aspects of the company, wine and wine accessories. The logo design also embodies an upscale Deco feel that fits perfectly with the Old Town District and the Plaza in Kansas City.

Beyond Napa brand logo for one color print on white background, Logo Design Company, Insight Design Communications, Wichita, KS.

Secondary use brand identity logo design.

Beyond Napa corporate identity logo designed for one color print on PMS 155 background.

Secondary use Wichita Kansas logo design for PMS 155 background.

Beyond Napa Kansas logo design reversed.

Secondary use logo identity for reverse image.

Beyond Napa is a wine and wine accessory boutique in the Old Town district of Wichita, Kansas. The boutique offers wine by the bottle and sophisticated wine accessories for discerning clientele. The brand logo is a cork screw, that also looks like a vine twisting into a graphic representation of grapes. The logo identity design communicates wine but also wine accessories in one instant visual.

The Beyond Napa Logo illustrates the cost saving value of a smart, creative and simple logo design. The entire corporate identity is anchored by this simple and intelligent logo design which engages consumers in any medium; interactive website design, three dimensional environmental signage, business print and flexographic print packaging.

Wichita logo design used in brand website design

Kansas logo design used in brand packaging design

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Laminate Works is a manufacturer of laminated panels and component parts.

Laminate Works produces laminated panels and component parts using the best employees, machines and technology.

This simple logo speaks clearly to an industrial market with bold blue, black and white graphic design. The “LW” in rectangle panels and one corner turned over explicitly explains Laminate Works primary products, laminated panels. The logo is also designed to work as one color and used in a background “laminate” graphic.

As a successful start-up company in Wichita Kansas Laminate Works quickly expanded it’s reach by moving to Kansas City and then added another location in Dallas Texas. It’s headquarters is in Kansas City but Laminate Works delivers products throughout the Midwest to places like Omaha Nebraska, Topeka Kansas, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Hutchinson Kansas, Chicago Illinois, Little Rock Arkansas and Des Moines Iowa.

Laminate Works Dallas and Kansas City logo design on blue background

Laminate Works Dallas and Kansas City logo design on blue background with type

Laminate Works Dallas and Kansas City logo design on black background

Laminate Works Dallas and Kansas City logo brand design

Laminate Works Kansas City and Dallas Texas logo branding

Laminate Works

1200 South 5th AVE., KANSAS CITY, KS 66105 USA T (913) 281-7474 F (913) 281-7473 • 3910 LA REUNION PKWY., DALLAS, TX 75212 USA T 214-905-9113 F 214-905-8032

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The new Kansas City logo is a contradiction of image and theme. The visual mark a skyline while the message / tagline reads, “New Discoveries Daily”. What could be less of a ‘New Discovery” than a skyline logo for a city? The old logo and message was more of a “Discovery”.

The old Kansas City logo put forth two aspects of the city: 1) that Kansas City has more fountains than any city in the world except for Florence, Italy, and 2) it is located in the center, or heart, of the nation. 2) is not of any value because who cares if Kansas City is in the heart of America, it just means it has no mountains or ocean beaches, nothing to promote. But 1) is amazing, who knew that Kansas City has more fountains than any city in the world except for Florence, Italy? That is a Discovery!


What if the logo embodied Kansas City’s most surprising discovery and that visual was the image for the logo. Below is a VERY, VERY quick modification of the old logo which makes a fountain an expression of surprise. What do you think?

Quick Kansas City Logo Design, “A fountain of surprises” on white background

Quick Kansas City Logo Design, “A fountain of surprises” on gray background

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Logo Design by Insight Design Communications for LifeVentures
Educational enrichment opportunities, social events and other activities for Seniors

LifeVentures, formally East Wichita Shepherd’s Center, offers educational classes and programs for seniors. In conversations with the client they were focused on the educational programs, the speakers and classes but the social aspects kept surfacing.

The brand logo identity is a metaphorical “Tree of Life”. A place of wisdom to learn, grow and come together

The wonderful people at LifeVentures were delightful to work with, they even sent a thank you card with a gracious testimonial. “On behalf of LifeVentures, we want to express our appreciation to you for the amazing logo and stationery system design. What a difference from our old brand image. Wow! Your inspired vision was a real blessing to us.”

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What is this? Yes, I know it's the new logo for Century 2 but what is this logo design suppose to represent, the roof line? Why does it appear like it was created with crayons? Yes, the roof is blue but why is the blue like smoke? Why does the top of the new Century 2 logo have a handle? It's not what I think of when I think of Century II.

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Points of Light Institute introduces logo design and brand identity by Insight Design Communications. The brand is designed to attract new generations to civic engagement.


New brand logo design and identity featured during the NASDAQ opening bell ceremony in New York City USA.


Insight Design logo hits Times Square.

New children’s education property created by New York based Whisper, and Whisper team member, Insight Design Communications, of Wichita, Kansas USA. Insight Design Communications specializes in exceptional logo design and branding across all mediums.
A New York City based organization with a rich 15-year history is growing. Children for Children has joined forces with the Points of Light Institute, to create a new movement igniting the power of young people everywhere. Children for Children is growing to become…generationOn. The new logo, brand property, was nationally unveiled during the 2010 National Conference on Volunteering and Service, hosted in New York City June 28-30. The logo design appeared on invitations, programs and news media backdrops. Previously, the new brand logo and corporate identity was featured during the NASDAQ opening bell ceremony in New York City. The logo design appeared on the NASDAQ big board and the logo design was fearured on Times Square.

The new generationOn property was created by Steve Cranford, CEO of Whisper. Cranford developed the market positioning, the property name, and the verbalized 5- and 30-second story behind the name. A Whisper team member, Tracy Holdeman of Insight Design Communications, designed and created the brand logo, brand identity and other corporate identity designs for the new identity property. The logo design will be seen all over the United States, especially in cities like New York City, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Denver, Atlanta, Los Angles and Omaha.

About Insight Design Communications
Insight Design Communications offers graphic design specializing in logo design, brand identity, corporate identity design and brand design across all graphic design mediums, including websites, print, advertising and environmental design. Insight Design Communications, based in Wichita, KS, has been a valued brand design partner of Whisper for engagements in the United States like Kansas City, Los Angles, Denver and around the world, including for clients in locations such as the Middle East and Canada.


The generationOn logo design by Insight Design Communications, a Whisper team member.

About Whisper
Whisper is a property developer. Rooted in communications strategy, Whisper creates intellectual real estate to generate returns, through effective market conversation designed to attract a wide audience. Whisper works with organizations so they may own the conversation® among competing product choices. Whisper client engagements span a variety of industries with organizations from North America to the Middle East and Pacific Rim. Whisper’s CEO, Steve Cranford, is formerly from Wichita.

About Points of Light Institute
Points of Light Institute mobilizes transformational people to answer humanity's call, whether for those struck by the headline, and the everyday. We show the way for people to tap into their own resilience and power to help others, and in doing so transform not only the lives of those we help, but also the lives of those who help. For people who answer this call, they are themselves transformed. As the largest volunteer mobilization network in the nation, Points of Light Institute includes more than 250 Action Centers that reach more than 83% of the nation’s population and extends into ten countries. generationOn is now a part of this powerful network, which delivered some 30 million hours of volunteer service valued at $615 million over the past year.
For more information:

Points of Light article on the new rebranding

About generationOn™
generationOn, newly created within the Points of Light Institute, is the largest youth volunteer service organization in the nation. generationOn combines the expertise of Children for Children and other Points Of Light Institute offerings, such as Kids Care Clubs, HandsOn Schools and the HandsOn Action Center-driven programs, together under one banner. generationOn includes over 30 youth programs that engage more than two million young people in all 50 states and internationally, and 1,800 Kids Care Clubs throughout the 50 states and internationally from China to Saudi Arabia. Benefits: Young people who volunteer just one hour a week are 50% less likely to abuse drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes, or engage in destructive behavior. In a study of high school dropouts, 81% reported that opportunities for real world learning, such as the opportunities provided by generationOn programs, would make their classroom experience more relevant. Service learning in the classroom has been shown to increase attendance, improve academic performance and motivate achievement as students see the results of their work creating a positive impact on others.
generationOn Engages: Teens, Tweens and Younger: generationOn is created as a brand property that kids may embrace and call their own, by helping young people develop as healthy, empowered, creative problem-solvers and leaders. Parents and Families: Equipping parents and influencers to unleash and affirm the power of young people to identify and solve challenges within their community. Teachers and Schools: By providing curriculum, tools and resources to educate and excite kids about service and civic engagement. Nonprofit Community: Building capacity for organizations across America to engage and value young people and families as volunteers.
For more information:
generationOn Opens NASDAQ

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