Sep 01 2018

1855 Brand Meats

1855 BRAND

This is what Del Holzer, Vice President of Marketing , for JBS Swift & Company said, “It isn’t often that a single brand program can totally change perceptions of a company, its people, or products but it is safe to say that the 1855 Brand design work is doing just that. Already we have secured wins with Halperns, Rastelli’s, Freedman / Sysco. These four companies are huge players with tremendous reputations and successes in the industry - with their business, the ripples from the 1855 Brand launch have become waves.” 

1855 Brand Development:

logo, identity manual, photo design and art direction, propping, website, retail hanging signs, case dividers, case headers, pricing wheel, case sliders, social media, labeling, food service direct mail, table tents, take-out box, aprons, hats, shipping packaging, special event awards and materials, advertising for print, bus graphics for the New York City market, print material, fleet graphics, billboards and even a candy bar. 

1 1855 logo
2 1855 poster
3 1855 package
4 group 1855
5 1855 postcards
6 1855 table tents
7 1855 costco bro
8 retail items
9 1855 icons
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Aug 23 2018



HomeGrown is a daytime eatery that uses locally sourced ingredients with their uniquely healthy and delisious menu. HomeGrown also serves jucies, teas and coffees, beer and booze as earlly as 6 AM. The logo design is a flower and a bee polinating the flower in one image. It represents the natural flow of life and the delisiousness found in healthy eating. Cultivate Kindness is one of HomeGrowns’ founding concepts.  Bringing people together around kindness and delisious and healthy food is the vision of the  owners HomeGrown.

HomeGrown Brand Development:

Logo Design | Branding | Signage | In-Store Signage | Point-Of-Sale material | Appearal | Package Design and more.

HomeGrown Branda
HomeGrown Brandb
HomeGrown Brandc
HomeGrown Brandd
HomeGrown Brande
HomeGrown Brandg
HomeGrown Brandh
HomeGrown Brandi
HomeGrown Brandj
HomeGrown Brandk
HomeGrown Brandl
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A new identity for the favorite water of Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra and America’s original bottled sparkling spring water. We developed colors, iconography, 124 different package design SKUs, brand guide work and advertising and POS material. Our brand work includes new entries into Whole Foods, Walmart and Kroger.


Logo Design | Branding | Packaging.

brand MtValley Hero
brand MtValley IMG01 swatches
brand MtValley IMG02 logos
brand MtValley IMG03 bottle
brand MtValley IMG04 bottle
brand MtValley IMG05 package
brand MtValley IMG06 package
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The Swift’s Angus, Guaranteed Tender Beef logo design is a national brand primarily focused in the Eastern part of the U.S. beginning in the Washington D.C. area. The brand market position for the beef is middle class in terms of price point and product benefits. The logo and brand was created to add value to the guarantee, boldly stated in the brand name, and to project a powerful visual for the well branded Angus name. The retail and food service logo design has an “official” shield authenticating the beef’s primary claim and referencing the USDA Choice and Select beef symbols.

The Swift’s Angus, Guaranteed Tender Beef logo design and brand identity. The Swift’s Angus 4’ tall triangle hanging sign. Insight Design Communications, food logo design.

The Swift’s Angus, Guaranteed Tender Beef brand design for large and small case dividers.

The Swift’s Angus, Guaranteed Tender Beef branding for 3’ wide case header.

The Swift’s Angus, Guaranteed Tender Beef packaging label.

The Swift’s Angus, cap and apron using one and two colors.

The Swift’s Angus, Guaranteed Tender Beef apron using four Pantone colors.

The Swift’s Angus, Guaranteed Tender Beef logo design four color on white.

The Swift’s Angus, Guaranteed Tender Beef logo design black and white.

The Swift’s Angus, Guaranteed Tender Beef logo design two color on black.

The Swift’s Angus, Guaranteed Tender Beef logo design two color on metallic cooper.

The Swift’s Angus, Guaranteed Tender Beef T-Bone photo design by Insight Design, a Wichita logo design company.

The Swift’s Angus, Guaranteed Tender Beef strip steak professional photo design by Insight Design, Wichita logo design comany.

This logo design will appear in Kansas City KS, Greeley CO, St. Louis MO, Washington D.C., Oklahoma City OK, and more.

Insight Design is a professional logo design company with extensive experience in creating custom logo designs for business. We work with businesses all over the U.S. and locally we do: Logo Design Hutchinson, Professional Logo Design Newton, Creative Logo Design Derby and Logo Design Andover.

1770 Promontory Circle
Greeley, Colorado 80634

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Logo Design by Insight Design Communications for LifeVentures
Educational enrichment opportunities, social events and other activities for Seniors

LifeVentures, formally East Wichita Shepherd’s Center, offers educational classes and programs for seniors. In conversations with the client they were focused on the educational programs, the speakers and classes but the social aspects kept surfacing.

The brand logo identity is a metaphorical “Tree of Life”. A place of wisdom to learn, grow and come together

The wonderful people at LifeVentures were delightful to work with, they even sent a thank you card with a gracious testimonial. “On behalf of LifeVentures, we want to express our appreciation to you for the amazing logo and stationery system design. What a difference from our old brand image. Wow! Your inspired vision was a real blessing to us.”

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Points of Light Institute introduces logo design and brand identity by Insight Design Communications. The brand is designed to attract new generations to civic engagement.


New brand logo design and identity featured during the NASDAQ opening bell ceremony in New York City USA.


Insight Design logo hits Times Square.

New children’s education property created by New York based Whisper, and Whisper team member, Insight Design Communications, of Wichita, Kansas USA. Insight Design Communications specializes in exceptional logo design and branding across all mediums.
A New York City based organization with a rich 15-year history is growing. Children for Children has joined forces with the Points of Light Institute, to create a new movement igniting the power of young people everywhere. Children for Children is growing to become…generationOn. The new logo, brand property, was nationally unveiled during the 2010 National Conference on Volunteering and Service, hosted in New York City June 28-30. The logo design appeared on invitations, programs and news media backdrops. Previously, the new brand logo and corporate identity was featured during the NASDAQ opening bell ceremony in New York City. The logo design appeared on the NASDAQ big board and the logo design was fearured on Times Square.

The new generationOn property was created by Steve Cranford, CEO of Whisper. Cranford developed the market positioning, the property name, and the verbalized 5- and 30-second story behind the name. A Whisper team member, Tracy Holdeman of Insight Design Communications, designed and created the brand logo, brand identity and other corporate identity designs for the new identity property. The logo design will be seen all over the United States, especially in cities like New York City, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Denver, Atlanta, Los Angles and Omaha.

About Insight Design Communications
Insight Design Communications offers graphic design specializing in logo design, brand identity, corporate identity design and brand design across all graphic design mediums, including websites, print, advertising and environmental design. Insight Design Communications, based in Wichita, KS, has been a valued brand design partner of Whisper for engagements in the United States like Kansas City, Los Angles, Denver and around the world, including for clients in locations such as the Middle East and Canada.


The generationOn logo design by Insight Design Communications, a Whisper team member.

About Whisper
Whisper is a property developer. Rooted in communications strategy, Whisper creates intellectual real estate to generate returns, through effective market conversation designed to attract a wide audience. Whisper works with organizations so they may own the conversation® among competing product choices. Whisper client engagements span a variety of industries with organizations from North America to the Middle East and Pacific Rim. Whisper’s CEO, Steve Cranford, is formerly from Wichita.

About Points of Light Institute
Points of Light Institute mobilizes transformational people to answer humanity's call, whether for those struck by the headline, and the everyday. We show the way for people to tap into their own resilience and power to help others, and in doing so transform not only the lives of those we help, but also the lives of those who help. For people who answer this call, they are themselves transformed. As the largest volunteer mobilization network in the nation, Points of Light Institute includes more than 250 Action Centers that reach more than 83% of the nation’s population and extends into ten countries. generationOn is now a part of this powerful network, which delivered some 30 million hours of volunteer service valued at $615 million over the past year.
For more information:

Points of Light article on the new rebranding

About generationOn™
generationOn, newly created within the Points of Light Institute, is the largest youth volunteer service organization in the nation. generationOn combines the expertise of Children for Children and other Points Of Light Institute offerings, such as Kids Care Clubs, HandsOn Schools and the HandsOn Action Center-driven programs, together under one banner. generationOn includes over 30 youth programs that engage more than two million young people in all 50 states and internationally, and 1,800 Kids Care Clubs throughout the 50 states and internationally from China to Saudi Arabia. Benefits: Young people who volunteer just one hour a week are 50% less likely to abuse drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes, or engage in destructive behavior. In a study of high school dropouts, 81% reported that opportunities for real world learning, such as the opportunities provided by generationOn programs, would make their classroom experience more relevant. Service learning in the classroom has been shown to increase attendance, improve academic performance and motivate achievement as students see the results of their work creating a positive impact on others.
generationOn Engages: Teens, Tweens and Younger: generationOn is created as a brand property that kids may embrace and call their own, by helping young people develop as healthy, empowered, creative problem-solvers and leaders. Parents and Families: Equipping parents and influencers to unleash and affirm the power of young people to identify and solve challenges within their community. Teachers and Schools: By providing curriculum, tools and resources to educate and excite kids about service and civic engagement. Nonprofit Community: Building capacity for organizations across America to engage and value young people and families as volunteers.
For more information:
generationOn Opens NASDAQ

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