The Meat Market, a brand logo icon for Meyer Natural Angus. The brand logo is illustrated and stylizes like a historic 1940's protien brand to infuse the spirit of old fashioned quality into the brand and logo.

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Guaranteed Tender Angus brand packaging included 12 SKUs, point-of-sale material and back-of-house items for JBS Swift. Swift's Angus Guaranteed Tender Beef is an upscale look with a favorable price point and a bold guarantee that connects with consumers in their hurried daily lives. The print and embroidery collateral materials reflect with a unique metallic copper. GUARANTEED ANGUS TENDER BEEF: Logo Design | Brand Development | Brand Packaging Design | Point-Of-Sale Posters | Case Header | Case Dividers.

GA beef poster
GA Angus beef labels
GA meat case dividers
GA Case divider
gA apron 1280 
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1855 BRAND


This is what Del Holzer, Vice President of Marketing, for JBS Swift & Company said, “It isn’t often that a single brand program can totally change perceptions of a company, its people, or products but it is safe to say that the 1855 Brand design work is doing just that. Already we have secured wins with Halperns, Rastelli’s, Freedman / Sysco. These four companies are huge players with tremendous reputations and successes in the industry - with their business, the ripples from the 1855 Brand launch have become waves.”

Prospector Logo Design 1
1855 idc price wheel 1280
1855 idc retail white1280
pac 1855 1280
box4 rgb 1280 
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Logo and brand packaging design for a product line of bacon wrapped meats; Beef, Turkey, Pork and Chicken. The logo design and brand image were designed to give the value based product greater retail appeal and quality. Also, all of the food photos were designed to maximize value. The packaging includes easy to understand cooking instructions for grill, broil and oven. The die-cut window shows a portion of the actual product. All of the technical information on the package designs follows strict government guideline.



Logo Design | Brand Development | Food Photography | Brand Illustration and Iconography | Package Design.

Prospector Logo Design 1
Beef packaging 2
Packaging Graphic 3
Turkey Packaging 4
Packaging design 5
Chicken Packaging 6
Brand Logo Packaging 7
Pork Brand Packaging 8
Meat Packaging Design 9
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Aug 23 2018



HomeGrown is a daytime eatery that uses locally sourced ingredients with their uniquely healthy and delisious menu. HomeGrown also serves jucies, teas and coffees, beer and booze as earlly as 6 AM. The logo design is a flower and a bee polinating the flower in one image. It represents the natural flow of life and the delisiousness found in healthy eating. Cultivate Kindness is one of HomeGrowns’ founding concepts.  Bringing people together around kindness and delisious and healthy food is the vision of the  owners HomeGrown.

HomeGrown Brand Development:

Logo Design | Branding | Signage | In-Store Signage | Point-Of-Sale material | Appearal | Package Design and more.

HomeGrown Branda
HomeGrown Brandb
HomeGrown Brandc
HomeGrown Brandd
HomeGrown Brande
HomeGrown Brandg
HomeGrown Brandh
HomeGrown Brandi
HomeGrown Brandj
HomeGrown Brandk
HomeGrown Brandl
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developed Vornado’s Brand Promise, a new strategic brand identity and retail packaging identity that changed the future of Vornado. The solution came in radical simplicity and a revolutionary anti-branding information architecture.


Logo Design | Branding | Packaging.

brand Vornado Hero
brand Vornado IMG01 logo
brand Vornado IMG02 collage
brand Vornado IMG03 packaging
brand Vornado IMG04 packaging
brand Vornado IMG05 packaging
brand Vornado IMG06 icons
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A new identity for the favorite water of Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra and America’s original bottled sparkling spring water. We developed colors, iconography, 124 different package design SKUs, brand guide work and advertising and POS material. Our brand work includes new entries into Whole Foods, Walmart and Kroger.


Logo Design | Branding | Packaging.

brand MtValley Hero
brand MtValley IMG01 swatches
brand MtValley IMG02 logos
brand MtValley IMG03 bottle
brand MtValley IMG04 bottle
brand MtValley IMG05 package
brand MtValley IMG06 package
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The best logo identities and branding work in black and white as well as color. Graphic design trends are now driven more by computer capabilities than by talent and vision. If a designer can’t draw he can always click simple repeated shapes, or plug in some gradations, or stripes, or dots, or lines. All are easy computer task. But, the most successful brand designs start with a compelling concept that functions well in black and white and small. In other words, the best logo designs work small in website or news paper ads as well as full color brochures. It takes hard work though, there are no computer tricks for that.

Old Town logo • Renovated business and entertainment district


Brad Bachman logo design • Home builder specializing in homes by water


Spring Crossing Cattle Company • Free range beef brand identity design


ComSmart corporate logo design • Communication training for executives


Lost Art Development Co.• Developer of artistic gift products for retail


QuickerTek corporate identity logo design, Wichita, Kansas. • Wireless products for Apple computers


Love Match • Assist singles in finding a love match


Exultia brand logo design • Software design company


My Volunteer Center logo identity design • Community volunteer center, Orange County California


Gear-Up brand logo, Wichita, KS. • Educational program preparing middle school children for college


Physique Enhancements brand logo design, Wichita, Kansas. • Spa, body sculpting and hair removal


Cargill event logo identity, Kansas. • Employee talk radio event


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#1. The ability to illustrate and design in any style.

A good graphic design studio or firm should have the capability to design and illustrate in a wide range of styles because every client and every logo design should be unique to the brands marketplace situation. A diverse illustrative and design repertoire enables a good graphic design agency to generate ideas without limitations or boundaries. For example, if a graphic design studio can only execute simple clean design because they lack illustrative abilities then you can count on getting a limited range of ideas that only promote simple clean branding concepts. On the other hand, when a logo design studio has the ability to design simple and clean logos, figural logo design, complex and highly illustrative logo designs, typographic logos, funky hand drawn logo designs and conceptual logos then the ideas you get will explore all possibilities. The end result is that the client will be presented more options and from greater logo design options will come a better logo that will best brand your company, product or service. So don't look for a logo you like in a studio’s portfolio but rather look for a variety of well executed styles. Scroll down to see examples.

For Timberline Steakhouse and Grill we developed a hand drawn woodcut illustration and graphic design style to match the name and casual eating concept of the brand. Illustrating the typography made it possible to use large readable type for signage while giving the logo design an engaging character and style.


For the Hayes 25th anniversary logo design we created a three dimensional illusion of chrome, copper and other surfaces. To create these effects we used hand drawn elements, vector illustrations and layered combinations with a variety of Adobe Photoshop filters.




The Pulse Systems logo design has a conceptual graphic design style. Everything in the entire logo is based on a square even the typography.



The Ballet Wichita logo has a stylized figural illustration of a dancer entering the performance area. This design and illustration style uses flowing curves to create the image of a woman and the feeling of graceful movement.


The Floating Swimwear logo has an expressionistic and abstract illustration style of a wave.



The Freddy's Frozen Custard logo has a retro or old fashioned illustration style with graphic vintage ribbons.




The Spring Crossing Cattle Co. sells natural free range beef. The illustration style is simplified and stylized realism to capture the ideal image of the rancher in the open prairie and allow the brand image to be reproduced on small package labels.


The Waterbug brand logo for Floating Swimwear is illustrated in a cartoon style with bold stylized lines and shapes for excellent shelf projection and visibility at retail.


The Bighorn River Lodge brand image has a distressed realism to impart a sense of the rugged outdoors.



The GooGoo Wonderland branding is illustrated in a style that I can't quite categorize. It's eclectic, vibrant, and whimsical to convey a feeling of magic and fun.


The With A Twist brand logo has a funky hand drawn visual style to compliment the unique and natural product mix of the retail stores.


The brand name Anvil is a metaphor. An anvil is a tool used to create other tools. The business Anvil is a company created to create other businesses. The brand image to the left is one step in an infinite pattern. It's a circle of dots around the center dot. This is repeated at the red dot which could be repeated again and again indefinitely. This purely conceptual design style is ultra simple to emphasize the concept.


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