Belite Electronics designs and manufactures gages for ultralight airplanes.

The Belite Electronics logo design depicts a compass, star and aircraft.

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Belite Carbon develops and manufacturers carbon parts for ultrlight aircraft.

The Belite Carbon logo design illuminates the weave used to create carbon from the perspective of the ground.

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Belite Aircraft designs and manufactures ultralight airplanes for aviation.

The Belite logo design shows an ultramodern aircraft and simplified typography.

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Belite Aircraft is a start-up company and quickly has become the innovation leader in the light aircraft category. This airplane manufacturer logo design has a creative brand image and logo type. The image is a simple stylized aircraft that informs consumers, but is also conceptual enough to give the new company room to grow into unknown product possibilities. The angle of the plane engages an emotive response of flight in it’s pure form. It soars. The logo type is an Insight Design created font that uses color to break the "Be" from "lite" to emphisize the name's unique call to action. Be lite.

BeLite Aircraft Brand Image
Wichita Logo Design for Ultralight Aircraft Developer and Manufacturer


Belite Aviation Logo design reversed from orange background. Kansas Logo Design for Belite Aircraft Developer and Manufacturer

Belite Aircraft Logo design reversed from orange background.

Belite Aircraft and Aviation Logo Brand Mark as a button for website. 

The Belite Aircraft logo design will be seen as far away as Europe and as close to home as Kansas City, from Wichita, KS to across the USA. The logo was designed by a Kansas logo design company for a Kansas airplane manufacturer.

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