• Brief history

Tracy and Sherrie Holdeman founded Insight Design Communications in 1993 with the simple idea of putting together a small group of the best designers, illustrators and thinkers to eliminate the extra cost and information layers of account executives, creative directors, art directors, production managers, receptionists and sales people. Even today, you will talk directly to the individuals creating the design so that you get great work at a reasonable price. Our working relationships are based on trust and teamwork which has proven beneficial for us, and for our clients. Our big and expensive self-promotion has been word-of-mouth referrals.


• We listen

Before we apply our well honed craft, we listen. We listen with the intent of understanding. It’s not a slogan. It’s even in our name, Insight: 1) the power or act of seeing into a situation : 2) the act or result of apprehending the inner nature of things. We listen because we believe you know your business better than we do, as we know our business better than you do. So the process is a partnership of shared expertise and experience.


• Style blooms from purpose.

As a design studio we don’t have “a style” per se. Style is something we use as a tool in the same way that a scientist uses logic. Style is an outgrowth from our clients' market realities. We invent or construct styles through analysis to fit our clients and their consumers, not the other way around. For example, Grene Vision Group’s brand identity is educational and informative, Floating Swimwear’s brand look and feel jumps with spontaneous energy, Riffel's Coffee brand design is steeped in 40’s retro, The Law Company’s brand structure embodies simple, timeless quality. The With A Twist brand welcomes with an eclectic wink, while the Timberline Steak House and Grill’s brand is rustic and comfortable and the Hayes Company’s brand identity is driven by nature and a naturalistic approach. Every product and service of every client is different. So, we believe every brand of every client should be unique to their marketplace environment.


• Ingenuity is king

We are not restrained by what the computer can do, or can’t do. At Insight, we are artist, practiced in the multi-faceted execution of design. We have used all manner of techniques to achieve the necessary brand structure that best fits our client. For example: for a JBS Swift & Company project we photographed a bounce laundry sheet to create an ideal texture, for Carlos O’Kelly’s menus, we used various brushes to paint on different paper surfaces to create their signature borders and background textures, for Vornado, we hand drew blueprint inspired engineering schematics, for Cosmetic Café, we hand drew the script logo and secondary script elements, the Newer Technologies illustrations were designed by hand, then manipulated Photoshop files of 80 layers, or more.


• Nothing can substitute for talent

Talent is useless without the knowledge of how to apply it. But, the same can be said for the perfect marketing strategy. Strategy without the talent to execute the vision is likewise worthless. Talent is elusive, it’s not like a billboard on the side of the road. True graphic design talent is the application of artistry and the realization of a dynamic persona which embodies and fulfills market strategies. In fact, the highest form of graphic design can clarify, magnify and even re-inform a marketing strategy. True talent is the ability to execute any vision.


• We are small and proud of it

Some agencies tout how many employees they have. We tout how few we have, simple and uncomplicated. It has worked well for us. When we started Insight I could never have imagined that a small Wichita Kansas design studio would work with national clients like; Pepsico in New York, eMeter in San Francisco, JBS Swift & Company in Colorado, The Jackson Foundation in Tennessee. Within the state, we’ve had the honor to work with the largest law firm in Kansas - Foulston Siefkin, the largest eye care practice in Kansas - Grene Vision Group, The most prestigious realtor in Kansas - J.P. Weigand & Sons, and one of the largest construction companies in Kansas - Law Company. Our retail packaging has adorned the shelves of every major retail outlet in North America and as far across the globe as Europe, the Middle East and Japan.


• Humility is essential

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We take our work, our design, our clients with the utmost seriousness. We are not prima donnas and we don’t sell clients or push them into a design. We present options with our recommendations.


• Creativity

Creativity is the link between a marketing strategy and the ideal visual graphic.


• What every client should know

The basics of branding. You are branding your product, service and company everyday with every contact and interaction with your customer. The question is, do you want to participate consciously in the process?



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